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After much talk & prayer our hearts have been tugged to adopt....a little boy!

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Becoming Hughes xs 5

The Story

I think in many adoption "how we decided to adopt" stories you will find that the momma's heart was the first to be pulled.....our story is no different! In fact for some amount of time I had to pray that God would calm my heart down & work on my husbands heart if His will was indeed for us to adopt! While pregnant with our youngest we felt that our family was complete.....then in January of 2006 right after giving birth to Emery Grae we felt the quite the opposite. Giving birth is a miracle.....Jon & I both decided we wanted more.....even if just 1 more! Within months both of the girls were going to daycare & while we could handle the expense we wondered if our finances could comfortably juggle 1 more child without feeling like we were working to send them to daycare/school. So after much prayer we decided that Jon would have a vasectomy & our family of 4 was happily complete in October of 2006 {looking back now we realize God was already planting that adoption seed in our hearts}!! When the Tsunami occurred in Japan in 2010 I can remember us sitting together as a family one night watching a benefit concert....the 1st time I can pinpoint actually speaking the word "adoption" to my husband although the thought had popped in & out of my mind for years! To which I received a firm "no"!! Less then a year later our friends were beginning the adoption process & again I talked to Jon about adoption to which I received a "maybe"!! I ran with that maybe like he had said YES LETS DO IT TODAY!!! It was shortly after that time that I had to pray fervently that if God wanted our family to adopt He was going to have to work double time to quiet my heart & work quadruple time on my husbands heart to give him the fire that I had!! Thanksgiving of 2011 brought some BIG God moments in our stated above we had agreed that maybe at some point our family would add a little boy to our home....the only for sure thing we knew was that we wanted to go the domestic route versus international! A week before Thanksgiving my husband took my car in for an oil change.....he left with information that we may need to put a couple thousand dollars into the car within the next several months. On a whim he put the car on Craigs List & in less then 24 hours later the vehicle was no longer ours!! Now what?? He started perusing cars online for hours in the night in particular he bolted out "either we adopt & you can have a mini van {I SWORE I WOULD NEVER EVER OWN A MINI careful what you say!!} or we won't adopt & we'll look for another car. My personal pride did not once get in the way of my momma heart & I quickly responded "mini van it is"!! This was one of the 1st times that without my prompting Jon had spoken of his desires for adoption.....even if it was in regards to the type of vehicle we drove!! Several days later he would, again on his own will, ask me when we were going to talk with the Adoption heart melted that day in the same manner it melted when I found out I was going to be a mom for the 1st & 2nd time!! From that point until January of 2013 we were kind of in this "holding or stuck phase". We had not completed a home study, we never did go & talk with the adoption lawyer, & we haven't even started any get the picture. STUCK!! It's was not for the lack of praying or a lack of desire to adopt, or even talking about us being stuck. We just didn't know where to begin & also didn't feel pulled in a certain spot to get the ball rolling. My husband is in the Real Estate business & an OUT OF THE BLUE job opportunity was placed in his lap last year that we DID NOT see coming! BUT we were both able to sit back after the job was offered & accepted & say "God totally knew what He was doing when He got us "stuck" for the last couple years"! He has a plan perfectly written for bringing our baby home!! In January of 2013 I went to an adoption conference "Created for Care" & it changed my heart in many different ways. I came back again ON FIRE to pursue our little boy!! We got our Home Study started & felt very excited to see where God would lead us! July of last year I received a very vague text message about a baby up for adoption in Jacksonville, FL. Even though it all seemed unlikely to happen I contacted a lady & our first prospective adoption began! We turned emailed our Family Profile & pictures & in less than 24 hours the birth mom chose us to be her sons forever family. Everything fell into place with the greatest ease, nothing seemed to take effort except coming up with the money both for her needs & lawyer fees. But we also had come to know that we had to fully trust God! A week before she was set to deliver she went "MIA"- she wouldn't answer my phone calls {she was wanting to talk every couple days} & from there would not answer the lawyers call. Almost a week went by & obviously HUGE red flags that she was backing out we received a text from her that she had decided to keep her baby. To say that we were devastated was an understatement. As much as you try to keep your heart protected when you're in this adoption process it's just impossible. It took several weeks but we packed up the few things we had purchased in anticipation of traveling to FL for his delivery & we moved on with life. Uncertain where God adoption plans would take us next. We were very "gun shy" in regards to the money aspect while at the same time we know we must trust & walk in faith. We've received MANY prospective phone calls/emails about different babies but nothing has worked out. We continue to network & feel sure that in God's perfect timing we will have a baby added to our family!! We absolutely have uncertain days- days where we wonder if this is all really meant to be but the burning desire to adopt is still there & we cannot ignore that! As mentioned before we lost a good chunk of money with our failed adoption & so we are doing this fundraiser to get some savings back in the bank to prepare for our adoption that we hope will be very soon! So we would LOVE for you to be a part of our adoption journey & supporting us in buying a T-Shirt {super cute design is a bonus!!}!! Everyone says this but it's true.....we couldn't adopt or be in a place to adopt without the support {many ways} of our friends & family & GOD!! Any amount helps!! We believe He is getting ready to open the doors WIDE OPEN for us to bring this baby into our home & we can't wait!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!