Getting Sweet J Home

We are steadily moving forward with the adoption of our Sweet daughter from Africa but we still need some help.

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Getting Sweet J Home

The Story

We are finally in the home stretch of our fundraising to adopt our sweet little girl from Africa! Its been a long road and we have hit a few bumps along the way. We wont be able to travel to bring her home for a while still and that means we must cover all the additional expenses while she waits. Things like her food, wage for her foster mom, security, clothing, and medical care. All while we try and save up the necessary funds to cover our travel and in country living expenses for when the time comes. We have estimated our travel costs to be around $15,000. We wont get much notice for when we need to get on the plane, and were not sure how long we will be in country maybe a few weeks, maybe a couple months. We are excited to sell these awesome t-shirts as a partnership with Chrome Buffalo and for this fundraiser we have come up with a goal of $1,500. That is roughly the cost of a round trip flight for one of us, of course we would love to surpass that goal to cover both our flights! ;) We truly appreciate each purchase of a Tshirt to help us get to Africa and bring our Sweet J home forever.
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