Bringing home baby Payne

We are so excited to share this journey with you! For every t-shirt bought, $12 goes towards bringing home baby Payne!

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Bringing home baby Payne

The Story

We would like to invite you to join us on a really great adventure we are embarking on. Over the last several years, Jason and I have longed to start a family, but because of our infertility we have been unsuccessful. But, it's with great joy that we announce that we are adopting! After much prayer and discerning, the Lord placed this desire in our hearts and we will be faithfully following His will for this journey. We have partnered with Chrome Buffalo to sell this great t-shirt! We will receive $12.00 for every shirt that is purchased in the next 10 days and each dollar earned will go into our adoption fund. Our adoption expenses range from home inspections, required parenting classes, legal services, and placement fees. Also, we would be honored to receive a picture of yourself wearing the t-shirt you purchased! It would give us such joy to one day show our child pictures of those who loved them and helped us bring them home!
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