Bring Home Baby Jones!!

We are adopting! Please consider the purchase of a shirt that will help go towards our adoption!

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Bring Home Baby Jones!!

The Story

Nick & I would like to invite you to join us on our journey to adoption. Over the past few years, we have really wanted to start a family but the LORD has not allowed us to do that. We've struggled through infertility, failed attempts at fostering to adopt & the LORD has strongly placed in us the angst to just go full-forward towards straight adoption. Because of all the hurt we've experienced throughout the past few years of "trying", we are scared & cautious to be so vulnerable. As we've sought the LORD, we understand that He can bring beauty from pain & encouragement as we are obedient. We feel that He is leading us to be vulnerable & to stand in the light of His goodness so that His glory has a chance to be made known. We desire that whatever child the LORD brings into our home be loved, taught about Jesus & raised to know that adoption is God's heart. Chrome Buffalo will give us $12 for every shirt that is purchased in the next 10 days & every dollar earned will go into our adoption account. Adoption is expensive. Money raised will go to paying for inspections, classes that are required, legal fees, placement fees, agency fees, fingerprints, medical fees, etc. We would love it that after you receive your shirt that you would send us a picture of yourselves wearing the shirt so that we can one day show those pictures to our child! Please like & share our listings so that we have the chance to raise more support! Thank you so much for your love & generosity as we embark on this incredible adventure!
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