Bring Mahesh Home

We are adopting a sweet 10 year old boy from India!

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Bring Mahesh Home

The Story

We invite you to join us on our journey to becoming parents. Over the last 8 years, we have longed to start a family, but because of our infertility we have been unsuccessful. After a ton of praying, the Lord placed the desire in our hearts to begin the adoption process. During a return trip to India, we felt led to adopt Mahesh. He is a sweet, kind 10 year old boy that we got to spend time with over the last few years. How awesome that God would place it on our hearts 2 years after meeting Mahesh to adopt him! We have partnered with Chrome Buffalo to sell this great t-shirt! We will receive $11.00 for every shirt that is purchased in the next 10 days and each dollar earned will go towards bringing Mahesh home. Also, we would LOVE to receive a picture of you wearing the t-shirt you purchased! It would give us such joy to one day show Mahesh pictures of those who loved him and helped us bring him home!
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