Johnson Family Puppy Adoption

We are excited to share in this journey with great friends! Every shirt purchased adds $11 towards bring our puppy home!

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Johnson Family Puppy Adoption

The Story

Our family was gifted with the presence of a dog from our neighborhood that had gotten lost for a night. When my wife and I came home from our date our babysitter had this dog in our house. It was late and we tried to bring the dog to the house that we thought was his owners house. With no answer we kept the dog for a night and my kids fell in love with the little companion. His name was Dash and we all wanted to keep him! We knew that we had to bring him home the next day and we did. Ever since then we have talked about how a puppy would be a healthy addition to our family. After looking around visiting the rescue we decided that going with a pure breed would be wise. We have researched and for us a pure breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is what we believe will be best! To Adopt this breed we need to come up with $1,800 and so we have signed up with Chrome Buffalo to help us raise the funds to bring our puppy home. We would ask that you grab one of these shirts and enjoy it, knowing you helped a puppy climb into the arms of three great kids, Elijah, Zion and Addison! Thank you!