Lets Bring Our TWIN Boys Home

Sometimes I need a reminder to wake up and keep making my dreams come true. Never could we have even dreamed of adopting two gorgeous boys.

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Lets Bring Our TWIN Boys Home

The Story

We're back with these beautiful t-shirts to help bring home our beautiful 6 year old TWIN boys from Uganda. It's been one wild year,(and a country change) and yet the biggest adventures are still ahead! We need to push through the next wave of fees that will bring our sweet boys home, possibly as early as June or July! Meris & Mercer McDonald have been waiting patiently in an orphanage for a forever family since losing both mom and dad due to AIDS. They will be 7 years old in the fall and we don't want them to go one more birthday without knowing they are home at last! Both boys have poor vision, some cornea damage and need to come home to be fitted with handsome eyeglasses so they can see much better and also receive continued treatment of their Vernal keratoconjunctivitis. (an eye disease that affects young boys in Africa) Although the prognosis is uncertain we have tons of faith the boys will continue to improve when home with the proper medical care and out of the dry hot climate of Africa affecting their condition. Yes, that's their little feet in the the photo! They need some new comfy shoes and some food in their bellies. They have a bunk bed waiting for them at home! Let's get them here fast! Yes, the situation is desperate and urgent and we need all the help you can muster! We appreciate your support and well wishes more than you will ever know!!! xoxoxo Chelsea & Liam McDonald
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