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My husband and I are in the process of adoption. We are raising money to bring home our child. Though not our blood, still ours forever.

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Travel to our future

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We all hear of the millions of children that are in foster care or in an orphanage. Most children only have bad memories or memories in the foster care. A majority of the children only have two-three sets of clothes and one pair of shoes to their names. We want to help. My husband, Brian, and myself, JoJo, are in the process of adopting. We have both wanted this for years now. It is not that we cannot have our own. Ever since we were young and learned that not every child has a safe, loving and caring home - we wanted to adopt when we were older. Our time is here. God has showed us the signs that this is the path that are meant to go down. With His guidance and your help in the travel expenses - our dream will come true. We want to thank each of you very much for helping travel to see our child and we will hope that you all get to meet him/her when we get them home! With love and thanks, Brian and JoJo Morris
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