Send Rebecca to Rwanda!

I am thrilled to be serving in Rwanda with Noonday Collection and Africa New Life Ministries in July! Can you help make this dream a reality?

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Send Rebecca to Rwanda!

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After 14 years away from overseas missions, I am thrilled to have been offered the opportunity to jump back in and join not one, but two different short term missions teams this summer! My husband and I had been planning for quite a while to travel to Cartagena, Colombia, with our church in June, so when I was suddenly approached with the chance to go to Rwanda in July, we were more than a little nervous about how we would pay for everything! I'm certain that I've been called to both, so I started asking friends and family for help funding my first ever trip to Africa. And wow, have I been amazed and humbled by the generosity and support I've been showered with! There's just a little ways left to go to make this trip a reality and I could not be more grateful! I absolutely love everything about this shirt (though you can choose a different design if you prefer ;)) so I wanted to offer them as another option for anyone else who would like to be a part of supporting my missions work this summer. THANK YOU!!!
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