Rescue A Child in Sex Slavery

Help our store Bound For Freedom in St. Joseph, Michigan to rescue a child from the sex slave trade.

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Rescue A Child in Sex Slavery

The Story

Bound For Freedom, as a for-purpose store front wants to begin to use our profits to benefit the needs of others around the world. Our desire is to partner with you, our loyal and kind supporters, to rescue a child from the sex slave trade. We will be going through the organization Destiny Rescue, whose job & mission is rescuing women and children out of the sex slave industry. The cost to rescue one child from the clutches of sex trafficking is $1500.00. This is the average cost it takes to free a child from sexual slavery or exploitation and put them into a safe home. Our plan is to match the goal of this drive, $750, achieved by our supporters, so that together we can rescue one child from around the world. To show our love and gratitude to the supporters of this drive, those who purchase shirts can print off their receipts and use them as a coupon to receive 25% off a purchase of up to $300.00 from our store Bound For Freedom at 404 State Street, St. Joseph MI. All donations from this drive, wether we are below our goal, meet our goal, or go beyond our goal, will go directly to destiny rescue to rescue more women & children from the sex slave trade. ·More info about Destiny Rescue can be found here: ·And more about our endeavor Bound For Freedom at:
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