Baby Stichter Adoption Fund

With only a handful of weeks left before Baby Stichter is born, we are launching one last fundraising drive to help with final expenses.

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Baby Stichter Adoption Fund

The Story

We started our adoption journey in August 2013, after struggling with infertility issues. We knew right away that the Lord was leading our hearts towards adoption as the means to grow our family. In February 2014, our home study was complete and we were licensed to adopt. On March 11, 2014, we were matched to a baby girl due to be born on August 7. Over the past several months we have traveled to Florida to build a relationship with the birth family and prepared our home for a little one. We are just a handful of weeks away from being 'on call' to leave at a moment's notice! We are still just about a couple thousand dollars short of our adoption financial cost, which will be due to the agency 24-48 hours after the baby is born and she is officially our daughter. Would you join us in one last fundraising drive by purchasing a t-shirt for our adoption? $11 of each shirt purchase goes toward funding the remainder of our adoption. Our goal is to sell 100 t-shirts, raising the amount needed to complete our adoption expenses. We chose this design with the word "Keep On Going" to signify the wait and patience that we have been through in waiting to bring our daughter home. But the Lord has gently reminded us the entire time that if we just keep going, He will reward our faithfulness in the end. To follow along with our journey, please visit