Daniel and Jessicas IVF Fund

After 3 years of infertility, we are finally ready to move forward with IVF, but we need your help! Please show your support!

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Daniel and Jessicas IVF Fund

The Story

Daniel and I met in 2007 at a wedding, and have been together ever since. We finally got married after I graduated from college and decided to wait a few years before having kids. I have always been a planner, and I wanted to buy a house and be financially stable before starting a family. Once we had accomplished those things, I felt that the time was right. So in 2011, we made the decision to try to get pregnant. For most married couples, getting pregnant doesn't take much effort. It just happens, sometimes by accident. When month after month passes, and then years, it becomes difficult to make sense of why everyone else is gifted with a baby, while we kept trying with no luck. So after a year and a half with no pregnancy, we reluctantly decided to see a fertility specialist. The fertility specialist discovered that we were dealing with both male and female factors. Luckily, my issues were fixable, but required me to have 2 surgeries in 2013. Daniel underwent a varicocelectomy In October 2013 to improve our odds of conceiving, but so far we still haven't been able to get pregnant. After much research and getting the opinions of three different fertility specialists, we decided that IVF is the best route to go. I've been told that we only have a 3% chance of conceiving on our own. If we were to do IVF, our odds would be close to 50%. IVF is a big step. It's a hard decision to give up on having a natural conception. But after 3+ years without any pregnancies, 4 failed rounds of Clomid, and 1 failed IUI, Daniel and I decided that IVF would be our best chance of starting the family we have dreamed of for so long. However, without insurance coverage for infertility, we will have to pay for the procedure and all medications 100% out of pocket. The anticipated cost will be close to $15,000. Daniel and I are working on saving at least half of that amount, but we are asking you to help us reach our goal. Please consider purchasing a shirt to help Daniel and I realize our dream of starting a family! Thank you!
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