Gillen Family Expansion Fund

We want to grow our family and are raising funds to make it possible by reversing Shane's vasectomy. Thanks for your support!

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Gillen Family Expansion Fund

The Story

Our greatest wish is to bring another child into our family, but we cannot have children the conventional way. Reversal or Adoption? After visiting many doctors, lots of late night talks, and steady prayer, we have decided to try to have our own! We know nothing is guaranteed-having our own or adopting- so why not at least try? If for some reason the reversal doesn't work, we will happily move on to adoption. Even if the reversal does work, we would still like to adopt down the line. Our Goal: $6,000 Funds Raised: $3,739 Remaining amount: $2,261 Instead of registering for wedding gifts we setup a donation site to help us along in our journey towards a baby. We raised over half of our goal at our wedding- what an abundant blessing! We will continue to fundraise until we meet our goal! Giving Thanks Now that we've put our wish out into cyberspace and the Universe, we know that our desire for another child is met on God's time. We are so grateful for each and every one of you who have supported us through the creation of our small and growing family. We give thanks for the abundance of love overflowing, manifesting into blessings on their way. And So It Is! With love and gratitude, Shane & Aubrey - See more at:
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