Jessies Summer Fundraiser

I'm in the home stretch of my apprenticeship! Celebrate summer and help support me with a sweet t-shirt!

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Jessies Summer Fundraiser

The Story

I can't believe how quickly my apprenticeship has flown by so far. I'm about 9 months in, and just have a few more months to go! I've learned so much here, both professionally and personally, and I have grown to love Oakland more than I ever imagined I would. I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend this year here. I'm also incredibly grateful for everyone who has joined me in this ministry here in the Bay Area, both financially and in prayer and encouragement.

Our summer is in full swing, and I'm enjoying it so much. It's been great to get to know our summer staff and be a part of their experience here in the Bay Area. The summer I spent here hosting in 2012 truly changed my life; it confirmed my passion for urban ministry and stirred up my heart for social justice, and it was a truly amazing time of personal and spiritual growth. I feel privileged to be a part of what I am sure will be a life-changing summer for our hosts this year!

It's exciting to be part of so much service and learning going on here in the Bay Area, and it's a joy to see and hear about what students are learning and how they're applying those things to their lives and their own hometowns. I truly believe CSM changes lives--the lives of people we minister to, the lives of students and leaders who come on trips, and the lives of hosts and other staff. I am honored to be a part of what CSM is doing here in the Bay Area and nationwide.

These t-shirts are a fun way for you to get involved with my ministry in Oakland and help me finish my time as an apprentice with CSM strong and funded. Thanks so much for your contribution!

You can also give a special gift or commit monthly for the rest of my program by visiting www.tinyurl/com/SupportJessie. Thank you for your support!
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