Save the Girls

Join us to empower women in Africa. Help build a safe house in Nigeria & restrain gender-based violence by purchasing a trendy T!

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Save the Girls

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Friends! Join us at Beads of Good in a rescue effort to protect young girls in Nigeria from violence and abuse! Beads of Good is a nonprofit organization that is empowering women in Africa through employment. We have partnered with an organization in Warri, Nigeria and are providing an artisan vocation for young women that are rescued from becoming child brides or victims of human trafficking. They are handcrafting beautiful Ankara fabric beads that will become a source of income and allow them to attend high school. We are just months away from making our jewelry designs available for purchase and making this a reality. We received an urgent request for assistance from Abigail, a college student in Nigeria and our director for Beads of Good in Warri, Nigeria. If you follow the news, you know that Nigeria is a volatile place for young women. We recently rescued 16 young girls that have run away from abusive homes where they were forced to sell themselves on the street or to marry as young as 12 or 13 to provide for their family. We are working to build trust and establish a safe place for the girls to share and heal, however, we are finding it difficult to house and feed them. Although we are glad to have 16 girls off the streets and in our care, we are renting a facility nearby and providing the girls with transport fare back to where they are being housed in the evening. A more permanent and cost effective solution is necessary. AND THIS IS WHERE YOU AND SPORTING A REALLY COOL SHIRT COMES IN! In a country where the government is unable to provide protection for its people and private security is only available to the wealthy, your purchase of a tee shirt can help us build a safe house and offer hope and healing to these young girls that have been victims of gender-based violence. Help us return strength to the communities of Nigeria by restoring those that contribute 80% of the countries food production and the primary support and stability for families--the girls and women of Nigeria. Thank you for helping us restrain violence against women in Africa and engaging them in a positive future! Thank you for helping us SAVE THE GIRLS! Follow us on Twitter @BeadsofGood and share this opportunity with a friend.
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