Three Months of Red Dirt

With every shirt you buy, $11 goes towards sending me to live in Uganda for three months.

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Three Months of Red Dirt

The Story

Hello, thank you for visiting my fundraising page. Let me tell you a little bit about what you'd be donating to- should you choose to donate. I went to Uganda for the first time in May of 2013. Ever since then, I have wanted to go back (and honestly, live there- working with orphaned kids). I was blessed with the opportunity to go back in June of 2014. I prayed before I left and laid out a fleece for God and He provided all I asked Him to, plus more. So, I talked with the owners of the baby's home that I work with while I was there in June. They were excited about the idea of me coming back for three months. I will be going back to Uganda in late June to late September in 2015 to work with this couple and family at their home, the baby's home and kind of seeing behind the scenes what goes on and how much work it takes to run a baby's home. I will also get to "experience Africa" as they call it since my last two trips were only for a bit over one week each time. We haven't worked out all the details yet, and I'm not even sure yet how much it will cost total (once I know, I will update the cost on here), but I know that the Lord will provide. You can donate here, but I will also be doing fundraisers throughout next year- events, making and selling things, etc. So, keep an eye out for those. (: I am so excited that the Lord has blessed me with this opportunity and I cannot even begin to express to you how ready I am to be in Uganda for longer than 10 days. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, for your prayers and for your financial donations. It means more to me than I can ever say. Thank you so much and God bless.
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