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We would like to adopt a baby via Lutheran Family Services in Missoula, MT. We intend to apply for grants. This will help defray fees.

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Adoption Fees

The Story

Every day our son Timothy (4) talks about his "little brother," whom he has a seat at our table for. He puts toys and clothes aside for him/ her on his own. I had thought it best to wait, but he asks each day about it. We decided in the Spring to stop trying and apply for an adoption, (I am 46!, John 51) I had always wanted to adopt a child regardless, and we have discussed this for a long time. Whether we adopt a girl or a boy, we feel it is now time to add another member to our family. I have just started a new part-time job and John is working full-time. Typical Missoula wages are quite low, so we need some help. We will do a fundraiser dinner-concert later in the Fall. We are worried that if we wait too long, agencies will consider us to be too old! With the initial fees defrayed we can work on applying for adoption grants,etc. Thank-you ever so much for your help. I chose the "Dare the Impossible" t-shirt for this fundraiser as I believe that "nothing is impossible with God." I like the logo as it is fitting for Montana. This is an old Christmas card...