B&B and their Miracle Baby Jax

We are trying to raise money for Billy & Becca and the adoption fees for their miracle baby, Jaxon.

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B&B and their Miracle Baby Jax

The Story

Billy & Becca are 2 amazing people that I have the privilege of calling my friends...best friends to be exact. As many of you know, they have tried for several years to start a family. Unfortunately, this never worked in their favor. After much thought and prayer, they turned their decision over to the Lord and decided to begin the adoption process. They knew it would cost a bundle and it could possibly take several months to a year but they were ready and willing to start this exciting journey. Both Becca & Billy were mentally prepared for the long haul. Myself, along with several other friends, had been preparing a benefit to help offset the cost of adoption. We all figured we had plenty of time to raise money, gather baby items, and prepare the house. However, the Lord had a different plan. Within a matter of 2 days, Becca & Billy met a wonderful young lady who had made the incredibly hard decision to give up her child and by the next morning, they were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Jaxon Howard. Now most women get 9 months to prepare mentally, emotionally and financially to have a baby. They get the chance to pick out clothes & other various baby items, choose the colors of the nursery and get their finances in order. Becca & Billy got 3 days. 3 days to prepare everything. With the help of many family members, friends and even strangers, they have been truly blessed with preparing for Jaxon. However, they are still in need of any and all assistance. Through the power of the internet and this website, CHROME BUFFALO, we have the opportunity to raise a few bucks to help cover the cost of the adoption. Each shirt cost $22 and CHROME BUFFALO will take $11 and Becca & Billy pocket $11...pure awesomeness! Again, Baby Jaxon is truly a miracle from the Lord. Please take into consideration this life-changing event that just took place in their lives and find it in your heart to donate a few bucks. Becca & Billy are truly wonderful people and are extremely blessed to have this opportunity to finally start a family. Any and all donations will be much appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this and God Bless!