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We are on a 40 day journey for Jennifer's 40th birthday to raise funds for our emergency medical vehicle in our village!

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Share LOVE with our VILLAGE!

The Story

This is such an exciting time as we continue to build on the opportunities and progress we have made with our chosen local family in the village of Arjo, Wellega. Jennifer will be be joining her Ethiopian family and immersing herself in the village life in December, for the longest stay yet. We have found in order to be able to reach more children with our Bright Spot Sponsorship program surrounding our current water well projects and to be able to give more opportunities for healthcare for our families, we must have a vehicle. Our Medical vehicle will provide: The opportunity to purchase in country medications in a nearby city that currently takes us 5 1/2 hours each way to get to. (only around 25 miles) Taking our most severe cases to a hospital as an emergency medical vehicle. Our ability to receive training/interning for Jennifer and our Ethiopian medical workers in other parts of the county that currently are impossible to travel to safely. Buying a super cool T-shirt gets us one step closer to health, wholeness and LOVE for our village families. Buy a shirt for yourself, for a Christmas gift or send one for our Bright Spot Kiddos!!! If you prefer, you may also donate directly to our website at
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