The Karwoskis Are Adopting!!

We are daring to follow our dream of becoming parents through adoption! Help support us with this awesome & inspiring shirt!

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The Karwoskis Are Adopting!!

The Story

As most of you know, Matt and I are in the wait, wait, waiting stage of our adoption journey. It has been a long journey thus far, filled with paperwork, hoops to jump through, fear, and excitement. Of course, we have had our fair share of insecurities along the way about whether or not adoption would be a good choice for us. We wondered who would look at our family profile and pick us?? We worried about Matt's disabilities and how they may impact our chances to be chosen. However, going though the home study process, and sharing with all of you, we feel hopeful that there will be a birth family who will see Matt as so much more than a man in a wheelchair, or a stroke survivor. We hope they will see his amazing dad potential as clearly as I do! Life has not been easy for us. And yet, here we are…still together. Laughing. Living. Loving each other through it all. It says something. We’re hoping it says something to potential birthparents out there. We’re hoping they will see us for who we are, despite, and because of, what we’ve been through. We’re hoping they will see what great parents we can be – if given the chance. We know we aren't on this road alone – we are SO thankful for your loving support so far and we are humbly asking for your support once again with this t-shirt fundraiser. For each shirt sold, $11 will go directly to our adoption fund!! So please consider ordering shirts for you and your family to help us get one step closer to bringing home Baby K! We would love to see pictures of you all sporting your cool, new shirts and will be working on a photo book to show our baby how much love and support we had before they were even here! Much Love, Matt & Emily
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