Bodine Haiti Mission to GLA

We are headed to Haiti to serve at God's Littlest Angels orphanage in January. Support us by buying a tshirt! Thanks.

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Bodine Haiti Mission to GLA

The Story

My son Luke and I have decided to return to Haiti. On January 19th - 26th, Luke and I will travel to Fermanthe, Haiti, a small town in the mountains above Port au Prince, with a group of nine other volunteers from our church worship team. Our mission is to serve at the orphanage in whatever way they need us to help. We will also be using our musical talents to share our music with the people at their church and in the community. We are very excited to be able to work hard and get our hands dirty and then use those same hands to play music that will bless the kids and volunteers. We have decided to do this for one reason: God has truly blessed us, not only with gifts, but with talents and ability. And Luke and I believe that we to use these gifts to spread the love He has shown us. It’s that simple. Luke and I are supporting the GLA and this trip with our own money and with our time. However, we have committed to raise $2,000 for our mission trip to the orphanage. This money will cover our transportation, housing, and a donation to the orphanage. Thank you so much for you support for our mission.
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