Canfield Coming Soon....!

The Canfields are bringing home a baby! We would love your help in our journey of adopting. For every shirt you buy, we get 50%!

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Canfield Coming Soon....!

The Story

Happy New Year from the Canfields! We're on an adventure to find our baby! We have known for a very long time that God has given us both a heart for adoption. We love that God has placed our hearts together in this and we have "a fierce hope" in the Lord. God has provided the door to walk through, and we can't wait to bring a sweet baby into a pretty awesome, loving home! We will certainly be seeking your love and support in these next few months. Y'all are simply the best. So of course we would love to get y'all together for some fun fundraising to bring Baby Canfield home...but more than anything we just love that we know already we are in your prayers. We thank God for such a beautiful plan for our lives.
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