Moore Adoption Adventure

Want to be a part of our adoption ADVENTURE? Help us with our adoption by purchasing one of these super cool Chrome Buffalo t-shirts!!

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Moore Adoption Adventure

The Story

HEY Y'ALL!! We're the Moore family from North Carolina. We cannot believe that after almost 4 years of waiting, we are finally at the end of our adoption adventure to Ethiopia! It has been a beautiful mess!! The wait, the silence, and the unknown of this adventure taught Ashlee and I so much about the LOVE and HOPE that Jesus has for all of us. This adventure started with what we wanted but ended with what He wanted! He gave us more than we asked or imagined. We received our referral for a boy, just days before Christmas and are now in the final stages to bring our little man home. He is adorable and we cannot wait for y'all to meet him and we cannot wait until he officially becomes a Moore! We would love for you and your family to purchase a super cool t-shirt to support our adoption!! When you get your t-shirt please take a picture and send us a copy via email or tag us on social media. We want to include your pictures in his baby book. Thank you to our friends at Chrome Buffalo for their prayers, love and support. Thank you for your prayers, love, encouragement, and financial support on this adventure! Y'all are ahhhsum!
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