Bringing Baby Jordan Home

We are raising support to help bring baby Jordan home! Will you consider buying an awesome shirt to help us? And spread the word!

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Bringing Baby Jordan Home

The Story

If you know our story, you know we have had a difficult adoption journey. You know we feel called to and desire to grow our family through adoption. You might also know that while God has provided abundantly, we also lost our entire adoption fund while we were trying to bring home our precious Noah from Ethiopia last year. We have now decided to pursue domestic adoption and are just waiting to be matched with an expectant mother... it could happen any time! When we saw this shirt design, we knew it could be the perfect fundraiser for us. "Love always holds onto hope." We are holding on to HOPE! Hope that God will fulfill His purpose for us. And that, according to His will, He will bless us with a child through adoption. We have so much LOVE to give to a child who needs a family. Will you consider buying a shirt and spreading the word? There are many other cool designs! And every dollar helps!
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