Bringing Home Baby Schmidt

Nothing stops the Schmidts! Buy a cool shirt and help Craig & Shelly bring home their baby.

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Bringing Home Baby Schmidt

The Story

Shelly married Craig and his son Caleb (now 6 years old) in March of 2013. They always knew that they wanted to expand their family since they both came from large (and loud) families. They immediately started to try for a baby and after a full year of monitoring, planning and trying- they decided to take a break from the mental stress of it all. After a 5 month break, they decided to give it another go. During this time, both Shelly and Craig moved up in their positions at work, Shelly completed her Masters and they added to their family with a new four legged monster (this was Craig's idea to appease Shelly's "baby fever"). Everything was working in their favor until they found out that the likelihood of Shelly getting pregnant was slim to none. The doctors suggested that their best hope would be IVF but even in that situation, the chances of it working were minimal. The reality of the situation was emotional and a rollercoaster to say the least. Lucky for Shelly and Craig they got answers rather quickly, which isn't always the case with families trying to conceive. Craig, Shelly and Caleb have more love than they know what to do with. They decided on adoption after realizing it was their best chance at expanding their family. Neither Craig nor Shelly is ready to give up and even if it takes years to find their baby, they know that Caleb will some day be the BIG brother he deserves to be. The family, along with their extended family, strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. On the eve of her first meeting about adoption Shelly had an epipheny...It was God's plan for her to marry Craig and become Caleb's 2nd Mom (thats what he calls her) because it was all in preparation of learning to love someone that may not be biologically yours. Craig and Shelly are excited about this new beginning and looking forward to the day they get to bring their baby home. Craig and Shelly are incredibly lucky because they have two very dear friends who work in the adoption field that are supplying their direction, love and support throughout the process. Craig and Shelly have decided to work with Chrysalis House (a local adoption agency) in their efforts of adoption. They have decided to use the dual track program which allows the possibility to adopt domestically or through the foster care system.The most exciting part of this process is the fact that once they are put on the waiting list, their child could be ready to meet them at any time! Craig and Shelly are seeking assistance in the form of contributions to their adoption fund. Your contributions will go towards the fees of adoption which consist of trainings, home visits, legal fees, placement costs and various other expenses tied with adopting a child. Any additional money raised will go towards preparing for the baby! Every little bit helps and is appreciated by the family. Craig, Shelly, Caleb, Zara and Diamond (the two monsters in the family) thank you for your support in their effort to expand the Schmidt Family.