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The Story

Part of us was waiting for the perfect time, and another part was waiting for us to be the perfect parents. Yet, we know more than ever that the timing will never be perfect, nor will we ever be able to reach perfection in parenting. Jesus is the perfect parent, and we are trusting Him to bridge the gap when we fall short. We feel called to "feed his lambs". Our one day is here. It is now. We are unbelievably excited, eager to welcome another little one into our home. But we know with the extravagant costs that come with adoption, even with saving every penny we have, we can't possibly do it alone... It is so much easier to be the one helping, than asking for help. We are incredibly humbled. Inviting you not only to be part of our story, but our little one’s and his birth parents. Every $1 counts. Every $1 will bring our baby home. Each purchase of a t-shirt will bring us one step closer to reaching our goal. As soon as we are able to raise $5000 we are able to put our application in the mail and start our home study. Plus every time you where a t-shirt, it can serve as a reminder to pray for our growing family! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
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