FCm Womens Team 2016

the money raised from this drive will go directly to pay for supplies used on this trip.

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FCm Womens Team 2016

The Story

Thank you for supporting our team! Our women's, team through Forgotten Children Ministries(fcmhonduras.org) will be headed to Tegucigalpa,Honduras January 2016. Last year was amazing and I know this year will be nothing short of that. Each team member will pay their own way and all funds raised will help us pay for supplies and food that we will be given out during the week. We will have a women's conference for the local women in Monte Redondo and as well as a VBS for their children. We would like to bless them with food to take home at the end of the week. We will also have lots of fun activities for the boys and girls with FCM as well as the beautiful women that love these children everyday.
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