Bringing Home A Brother!

The Goodhues are adopting a 2 year old little boy, with Down syndrome, from Eastern Europe. Let's help them bring home a brother! :)

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Bringing Home A Brother!

The Story

Will you help us BUILD our family?! This is an opportunity for you to be a part of something beautiful. We're adopting a darling boy named Nikolai, he was born with Down syndrome and was given up at birth. Our family has felt called to adoption for a couple of years now, but we were waiting for God to say "Go!". At the beginning of this year He said just that. GO! Our family fell in love with Nikolai, we knew that he was meant to be a Goodhue. We committed to adopting him in March, and have been tirelessly working to bring home this baby who is waiting for us 6,643 miles away(yes, I calculated the miles between our family, and our baby boy.) in Eastern Europe. We're so excited to welcome another child into our family, home, and lives. Nikolai, needs a family. And well...we are a family, with plenty of love to give! Will you join us in bringing him HOME? :)