Smith Baby #3 Fundraiser

Help us raise money for our 3rd adoption! We're holding on to hope that it will happen soon!

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Smith Baby #3 Fundraiser

The Story

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read about our fundraiser! Our family has been blessed twice by adoption. It has changed all our lives for the better. We love having open adoptions with our boys birth families and are hoping to find one more child to love. We have been waiting to adopt again for about two years and are holding on to hope that it will happen soon! As you may or may not know - it is very expensive to adopt. In the past decade the price of adoptions have skyrocketed, partially due to agencies charging more and more. In our intensive research, we found an amazing organization called "Always Hope Pregnancy and Adoption Center" based in Michigan & Florida. They are not in it for the money like so many agencies out there. Tara Lee, the director, has a heart of gold and we are so excited to be working with someone who understands that adoption is not a business transaction - it's a sacred everlasting connection for the benefit of all involved. Back to the money, (cause that's why we are doing this fundraiser...haha) Most agencies out there cost anywhere from 25,000-45,000. Tara is trying to keep costs below $20,000 (sometimes with birthmother expenses it can go higher). This is still a whole lot of moo-lah, especially given that we've already spent 30k+ on our first two adoptions. So here we are asking for some help from you! If you feel inclined to buy a shirt to help with our adoption efforts, we'd love it! Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts! Love, The Smiths {Zack, Julie, Kale & Makoa} PS: If you don't like the style of this shirt, you can choose from their other styles too!