Help Send Jessica to Haiti

I am heading to Haiti in October with a team who partners with Hope Vision Ministries.

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Help Send Jessica to Haiti

The Story

I am so excited to share with you an awesome opportunity that has been placed in front of me all on God’s timing. I have always longed to go on a mission trip. Not just any mission trip but to one that I will be blessed by as well as be given the opportunity to bless others. I have a soft spot in my heart for Haiti. Not many of you know but three almost four years ago now Ray and I struggled through infertility in order to get pregnant with our sweet miracle. During that time I prayed and prayed for a baby. Well one Sunday it was mission Sunday and they were talking about the upcoming mission trips. I decided that if we were unsuccessful in getting pregnant now (this being our fourth attempt at intrauterine insemination) then I was going on a mission trip in May to Haiti to love on sweet orphaned children. I had so much love for children I just wanted to share it with those sweet children who did not have a family. I also prayed again that day not for a baby this time but for acceptance in whatever the outcome was, as well as Ray being open to adoption (maybe even adopting from Haiti). Well God answers prayers because not only did he open Ray’s heart to adoption but we were also finally blessed with our sweet little Corbit. With all that being said God showed me he was in control and had a plan. Me going to Haiti at that time was not in his plan but I was ok because I know his timing is always right even when we are not sure of the plan he has laid out for us. Now my desire to go to Haiti has not gone away I just knew that one day I would go when he says that the time is right. Fast forward to today and the opportunity is here again. In October of this year I have the wonderful opportunity to participate in my first mission trip to Haiti. There will be a team of us going to Haiti to serve in areas from building dorms at the orphanage to loving on God’s children. God is doing great things in Haiti. It is exciting to know that I can be a part of it. We will be leaving on October 14th and be returning on October 21st. This will allow us a week to serve in any way we can. I am excited to learn more about Haiti and how God will use my gifts to serve Him. I believe that God has called me to be part of this mission trip, and I am inviting you to be part of this adventure with me. By purchasing a shirt half of the money you pay for the shirt will go toward my trip. The trip cost is estimated at $1,200 and I will pay this through contributing myself and through donations. I have already paid $500.00 myself so I am almost half way there. I am trusting that God will provide me with the money I need to participate in this mission trip. Thank you for taking the time to read about this opportunity I have coming soon and for prayerfully considering your involvement in my support team. Please say a prayer for not only me but my whole team. God Bless! With Love Always, Jessica Goins
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