Baby Zaruba El Number Dos

My husband and I have 1 adopted son and we are starting our second adoption!

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Baby Zaruba El Number Dos

The Story

Hi Amazingly Awesome Cool Peope who we wouldn't have a family without, So a year ago YOU rallied around our family and MADE. THINGS. HAPPEN. We love you for it, all of you. Well here we are again and following God's calling for our family to grow through adoption AGAIN! We 100% know we have asked for so much from you all and we are beyond appreciative of the generosity you have showed us. We so wish we were able to completely fund this adoption on our own but the reality is we aren't able to do that. We want to try to fund as much of this adoption as possible through our savings, grants and most likely a loan. A typial adoption can cost $30k and above, our hope is to raise at least half if possible. We will be doing another infant domestic adoption which means we will most likely know this next sweet little one from the moment they are born. I could go on for years telling each and every single one of you the impact you have had on our lives but if you follow me on social media, you have seen it in the form of our son. When I say we wouldn't be where we are without you, I mean it. Words don't describe the gift you gave us. You sacrificed your coffee stops, date nights with your spouse, a toy at the store for you little one, bought endless adoption shirts and showed up to the events and in the end we have a son because of it. You friends, you have full on been the hands and feet of Jesus. He doesn't ask us to only pray but to physically be the hands and feet and that is exactly what you were. Here we are again, on this crazy journey to bring home baby zaruba #2.. With LOTS of love, Tyler, Casey and Foster
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