Changing One Life at a Time

We can not do everything but we can do something and that is to make a difference in the lives of children JUST ONE child at a time.

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Changing One Life at a Time

The Story

Dear Family and Friends, I am writing to inform you of a mission trip I am taking December 1st through December 10th to Kitale, Kenya. I am going with a purpose; a purpose to love and to serve orphans from the Kipsongo Slum; a slum environment filled with filth, abuse, hopelessness, and abandonment. This will be my third trip to Kenya. My brother, Jim and his wife Melody, are missionaries in Kitale and love these children deeply. We pour our hearts into these children, giving them opportunity, teaching them to dream big and to reach beyond their grasp, and empowering them to grow up to be prepared to BE the change! These children who have faced the hardships of growing up in these conditions of unfathomable poverty, abuse, and hopelessness are some of the most joyful, FAITHFUL, and hopeful children I have ever known. These children that I have grown to know and love deeply have profoundly impacted my life. I can't wait to see them again! As you can imagine, such a step in faith often requires support of my family and friends. One of the ways you can help as I travel abroad to love and to serve is to pray for for mission effort. There is also financial commitment to this trip as we provide care and support to the children. Specifically, these funds will go towards helping vaccinate and provide medical care for 400 plus orphans as well as to provide leadership and life-skill training opportunities for children and youth. So, I have launched this shirt drive to raise monies. JUST ONE purchase of one shirt can make a difference in the lives of children, one child at a time. Each shirt is $22.00 and $11.00 from each purchase will directly support my mission effort. The Kipsongo Slum is an overcrowded, impoverished, and dangerous place with over 3,700 adults, orphans, and widows scavenging for existence near a town dump and living in mud or trash like houses with no good food source, sanitation system, or clean running water. Pastor Richard Makani and his wife Hellen, Kenyan missionaries, discovered the Kipsongo Slum and felt God’s call to help. They sacrificed one meal a week to feed as many of the orphans and widows from the slum that they could manage. From this simple step of faith in 2002, Seeds Ministry was born. At the present time, the Seeds Ministries include the Seeds Children’s Home that provides tender, loving care for 220 children, a Seeds Academy that provides education for 385 kids, age 3 to grade 7, the Seeds Bread of Life Center that provides 2 meals a day, 6 days a week, and the Seeds Stone Medical Clinic that provides preventive and medical care for all the orphans. Evangelism and church planting are another key aspect of Seeds Ministry. Christ Life Church (a tent church), is located in the center of town, and holds noon services daily. Mt. Elgon Bible Training Center, centrally located 1 ½ hours away, provides Bible training for Pastors, who often walk 5-20 miles each way, for training. Again, I appreciate very much your willingness to consider participating in this activity. While you may not change the world with the purchase of a shirt, you can contribute to helping change the life of a child in the world. There is no question that YOUR contribution can make a difference. By the way, this is a picture of my sponsored child, Button. We love him as we do our own and I can't wait to see him in December!! Many blessings, Charlotte
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