Baby Badin

We believe adoption is an amazing gift from God. We want to thank you for taking the time to pray for us and help us.

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Baby Badin

The Story

We believe adoption is an amazing gift from God. We know that God has lead us in the direction of adoption. There is never to much love for a child! Mike and I have been prayerfully considering adopting a baby girl, and after many nights of prayer and discussion we have felt the Lord leading this direction. Adoption is present in both of our families. Liz was adopted as an infant after her parents tried to have children. She has recently reconnected with her birth mother and the two of them are getting to know each other through phone conversations and text messaging. Liz has enjoyed getting to know her birth mom and finding out what they have in common. Liz looks forward to sharing a special bond with our children through adoption. Matthew (our oldest) was adopted by Mike after we were married. Matthew knows that Mike is not his biological father, but he knows Mike is his daddy. Liz would say that the two of them bonded even though Mike was not in Matthew’s life for the first two years. The two of them are very close now and Matthew wants to be just like Mike in everything he does. Matthew looks up to Mike and they share a love of video games together. It has been the challenge recently to see who is better at the sports games! On Mike’s side of the family, his older brother Greg was adopted by their father after he married Mike’s mom. Mike’s dad accepted and loved him as his own, just as Mike has done with Matthew. We cannot wait to continue to add to our family's story through adoption and everyone looks forward to meeting the newest member of our family! Thank you so much for helping us either through prayer support or financial support. You have no idea how much of a blessing you all are to us!