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Drew Pitcher

I am scheduled to have surgery in the beginning of July and I'm paying for all of it out of pocket, so I'm reaching out for a little help. I am transgender and I'll be having top surgery, which means they'll make incisions along the pec muscle and remove the breast tissue, so I'll have the chest I'm supposed to have, but I don't want to sit here and slap labels on myself. I'm just a guy who's identity was taken away and I want nothing more than to get it back and live the most authentic life. If you can help make that happen, i'll be forever grateful.

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Drew Pitcher

Authentic Living

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I need to raise this money because for so long I've been drowning in a life that doesn't belong to me. Even though the surgery hasn't happened yet, I can finally breathe because I know it's coming. This may seem a little drastic to say, but raising this money isn't helping me, it's saving me and that's the truth.
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