Phinney Farm Animal Sanctuary

Amiee Phinney

We are raising money to purchase land so we can expand our farm to be able to save even more Farmed animals.

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Amiee Phinney

Phinney Farm Animal Sanctuary

The Story

Here at the Phinney Farm Sanctuary Rehab and Rehoming Center we are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for farm animals who are often over looked when people think of an animal rescue. Currently we only have the capacity to help smaller animals such as chickens, ducks, bunnies, and cats. We can do more. Fundraising has started to raise money for the purchase a piece of land so we can help more animals. At this point my husband and I along with family and friends have been funding the farm with our own private incomes. We want to be able to do more. With your help we will be able to purchase a piece of property abutting the current farm and expand our mission to include other animals such as pigs, cows, goats, sheep, and really any animal in need of a second chance.