Steyer Family Adoption Fund

Meredith LaGorga

Buy a t-shirt (or two) and help the Steyer family reunite.

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Meredith LaGorga

Steyer Family Adoption Fund

The Story

To know Val and Nick is to know their fierce devotion to their family. It is this devotion that has led Val to a now 8 week stay in Ethiopia fighting to bring their two children home. Nick has remained in Ohio and held down the fort while Val has fought the uphill battle of ensuring the rights of her children are protected and they are able to come home to the family they recognize as theirs. We all know children belong in families not orphanages and each shirt purchased helps alleviate a piece of the financial stress the Steyers are under as Val remains in Ethiopia and not working at Thrix, her hair salon and Nick balances the work and home life of his family.
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