Chrome Buffalo™ is an online crowdfunding platform utilizing T-Shirts to raise money for any cause.

 To date, Chrome Buffalo has given over $57,750 to life-changing causes



Simple. Fashionable. Free. The Fundraising bar has just been raised. Buffalo Up!


Because there is a need! There are millions of people out there who have a need to fundraise for their cause and quite frankly, gone are the days of soliciting funds through door-to-door sales or letter-writing campaigns. Honestly? Who needs more wrapping paper, breakfast breads, chocolate bars, or tubs of cookie dough? That all goes straight to our luv handles or the garbage. But something wearable (and with unlimited use) that supports a family member, a friend, a coworker, a neighbor, or someone across the globe? Now that’s worth $22!



Yes, an incredible English rock band, but for the sake of Chrome Buffalo™, we’re talking about anyone who needs to raise funds for a specific cause. Organizations, Adoptive Families, Schools, Sports Teams, Faith Groups, Families with Medical expenses, Bands, Voluntourists, Youth Groups, et al. We won’t waste your time, but you get the picture! With the Chrome Buffalo™ platform, hundreds of individuals or organizations can run Drives for their specific causes simultaneously.



Because if you are anything like us, we know you are busy and pulled in thousand directions so we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible.



1. Sign-up using the form on the Chrome Buffalo homepage. This is where you select a T-shirt design, set a funding goal, and give us some basic information. It’s also where you upload a profile photo and select your launch date for your Drive (either the 1st or the 15th of a month).



1. If you are an existing user, access your account by clicking on ‘Login’ on the upper right hand of the Chrome Buffalo homepage. Once you login, you'll be at your account Dashboard, from here you always have a signup form at the bottom where you can submit a new Drive.



2. In order to submit a Drive, you will have to have verified status with PayPal.* This is a security measure that ensures you have the right PayPal account in order to receive your funds at the end of a Drive and eliminates the need for Chrome Buffalo to require additional authentication. Once a PayPal account is verified, your Chrome Buffalo account Dashboard will have options for launching a Drive for any of the next available Drive dates.

*Non-verified Users will be presented with a ‘get verified’ link at the top of their account dashboard. When this link is followed, PayPal will ask the User permission to authorize the Chrome Buffalo App, which allows Chrome Buffalo access to basic information (eliminating the need for Chrome Buffalo to require additional authentication).

3. Once you are finished editing/formatting your Drive, you’ll select and verify your Drive launch date which automatically places your Drive in ‘prelaunch mode’ and begins the countdown until your Drive officially launches (either the 1st or the 15th of each month). New Drives in prelaunch will be visible from the Drive Homepage 5 days prior to the launch date.

*Drives in prelaunch are still editable, but once a drive officially launches on the Drive date (either the 1st or the 15th), the Drive is locked and no longer editable.

4. Once your Drive launches, send people to your Drive and watch your Cause’s dollar amount rise, remember, the more you sell, the more you make!

5. Chrome Buffalo will fulfill your Backer's orders within 10-days after your Drive ends and send your dough through Paypal on either the 1st or the 15th of the month (whichever date follows the end of your Drive)!