We've received your Application!

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with people who are dreaming big and taking action!

Now What?

We've received your Drive Request and are excited to introduce you to your very own Drive Campaign. A member of our Chrome Buffalo team will be in touch with you shortly to let you know if your Drive Request was accepted. In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with the information below so you can have a successful Drive! 

Things You Can Do Now
  1. Make sure you have a Verified PayPal Account as this is the only way in which Chrome Buffalo can distribute your funds at the end of your Drive.
  2. Begin to gather contact info for all of your potential Backers so you can post, tweet, & email as soon as your Drive begins.
  3. Create a video and upload it to YouTube (optional): You will have the opportunity to upload a personal video on your Drive page for your Backers to watch. This is optional, but either way you'll want to personally connect with your Backers for maximum impact!!!
  4. You will have the chance to edit your Drive content once we send your Activation Email, so start compiling your information!

Thank you, and we look forward to partnering with you and your cause! 

- The Chrome Buffalo Team -
Buffalo Up!